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Is Kada a Process or a Product ?

by in Boost Immunity 01/07/2020

By Prithu Nath

Recently after the Covid 19 Endemic started, a barrage of advertisements and social media posts flooded the Internet with Kada the so touted Magical Drink that is supposed to Cure all and Boost our Immunity !

Surprisingly the so called specialists including Government regulators as is evident, do not even seem to understand that in Ayurveda the word “Kada” or “Kadha” or Kwath is actually a process of preparation rather than a Product or a mix of herbs.

This dosage form of Ayurveda refers to a water decoction or water extract of a herb or a group of herbs.

Kadas can be consumed or can be used to gargle specially those containing ginger or can be used as an eyewash like Trifla Kara, or others can be poured onto wounds for Healing or for enemas.

Kada can also contain Ghee, Milk, Honey, Jaggery for additional benefits as maybe prescribed.

Mostly kada are consumed empty stomach for maximum absorption via the intestines but some kada contain Ginger, Pepper and other Spices which may be difficult for some people to digest therefore these types are to be taken 10 minutes before meals.

Herbal Combinations are made of different herbs that are either having collective effectiveness over an ailment or a combination of ailments and mask the side effects of each other besides offering deep penetration.

The Method of Preparing Kada or Ayurvedic Tea

Steps to Follow:-

  • Take the desired quantity of dry Herbs as per the formula.
  • Pound the Herbs or dry blend them in a Mixer to a coarse consistency.
  • Add water which is a minimum of 8 times to that of the herbs quantity or use 200 ml of water to a tsp of Herbs.
  • Lightly boil this mixture on medium flame, till water evaporates to 1/4th of the initially added water.
  • Stir occasionally and once water has reduced cover the vessel and leave to cool for another ten minutes.
  • This last step further blends the Properties of the Herbs to the water.
  • Strain and use.
  • This can also be prepared in a bigger quantity and refrigerated in an air tight container for 2 weeks.
  • One can also chill this in the summers and consume it chilled.

All herbs cannot be prepared as a kada as some contain volatile compounds that may evaporate upon boiling like eucalyptus, cloves etc.

Types of Herbal Mixes available to prepare Kadas

For Hypertension

For Cough and Colds

For Constipation

For Glaucoma

For Uric Acid

For Joint and Muscle Pains

For Strengthening the Heart

For Detoxification

For Liver Health

For Kidney Health

For a Host of Other Ailments including Anti Ageing and Longevity

For De stressing

For Balancing Hormones with Adaptogens.

For Immunity Enhancing

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