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Is Your Expensive N-95 Mask Spreading the Virus ?

by in Boost Immunity 12/07/2020

By Prithu Nath

Since the Beginning of the Pandemic there has been utter confusion that has been created by the so called experts, including Politicians, Doctors, Rgulators and others on whether to wear a Mask or which Mask offers the best protection against the virus ?

We found that people who are buying the most expensive masks with fancy non return valves which close while inhaling but open  while exhaling are one of the biggest culprits responsible for the spread of the Virus.

While no mask is 100% fool proof, both for self protection or for the spread of the virus, we do feel that the Valve fitted masks are the ones that are actually responsible for the maximum spread of the Virus specially in a closed room environment.

This is due to the fact that when we exhale or when we sneeze or cough, the air leaves the mask unfiltered, as the valve opens out. It is because of this unrestricted outflow of air that the droplets from our breath or cough or sneeze spread the farthest. Therefore it is better to wear a three Layered Quilted Cotton Washable Mask only as the droplets from our breath or from our sneeze or cough travel the least distance using this mask, i.e. about 8 Inches.

Do a self test : Hold the Mask with the valve that you may already posses and hold your lips near the inside of this valve and blow out. You will find the air coming out freely.

So for Indoors use a three layered, cotton, quilted mask and for outdoor activities or where you find a lot of pollution wear a N 95 Mask.

The difference between a N 95 Mask and a KN 95 Mask is mostly associated with the filter inside the valve. The N 95 Mask has a Silicon filter inside the valve whereas the KN 95 has a Fiber Filter.

Buying a Five or Three Layered Mask

The Five Layered Mask actually Lowers your Oxygen Levels or the SPO2 Levels which is not healthy at all. It is better to use a three Layered Mask where you can breath in more easily without the Valve being there and which will not spoil your health by drastically lowering your Oxygen or SPO2 levels!

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