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Eucalyptus Oil + Himalayan Salt + Herbal Zinc Infused Ghee…A Triple Whammy For The Virus…Sanjivni Amrit Regime..

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By Prithu Nath

Repelling the Virus, Waking up our Immune System to Invading and Hiding Pathogens , Getting communication channels buzzing at High Speed between our Immune Cells!

Our Human Brain is More Cunning and Smarter than a smart and Cunning Virus and I personally believed in this from January 30th 2020 when I advised the usage of Masks on Arogyadham groups. As otherwise how else would our Ancestors have survived over the Past 12000 years without the support of Modern Medication ?

In today’s time we have the ability and advantage of using both modern Medicine + the Knowledge of our Ancestors to work in tandem with each other to Blast This Chinese Virus ! Whether Man Made or otherwise we are smarter than the Chinese and their Viruses for sure.

This Virus is cunning and has the ability to hide from our Innate Immune System for a significant period of time. “It looks like this virus has one big trick,” said Shane Crotty, a professor in the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California. “That big trick is to avoid the initial innate immune response for a significant period of time and, in particular, avoid an early type-1 interferon response.” Published on NDTV Website on September 25th 2020.

The Usage of Eucalyptus Essential Oil + Pink Salt + Zinc Infused Ghrita or Herbal Zinc Infused Ghee to Outsmart the Virus

My Ancestors had initially learnt at Mahesh Aushdhalay around 1891-1895 that both Pink Salt and Eucalyptus Oil would Heal people very quickly while they were suffering from Infections specially related to the Respiratory Tract. How this would happen was unknown but the magic of both combined would work wonders. My father Shri Promod Nath would tell me stories of how such remedies were used in Lahore by his Grand Father Rai Bahadur Mul Raj (Sessions Judge under British india) to heal people !

We therefore Incorporated this Combination in our Sanjivni Amrit Immunity Boosting Regime plus added Zinc Infused Ghrita or Herbal Zinc Infused Ghee and also published our Initial Research paper on May 2nd 2020 on Interferon Response.

But suddenly it has come to our attention from News Articles as to how the Virus is outsmarting our Innate Immune System specially the D614G mutation by not only hiding for long enough from our Innate Immune system but also because of the added spike proteins on it’s surface that are  responsible for binding to our Cells having ACE2 Receptors, making it more Virulent.

Here comes the Triple Whammy of Sanjivni Amrit Regime and How it May Possibly Help People.

By combining three unique substances know to Ancient India we possibly have a solution to outsmart the Chinese Virus and it needs to be tested further.

Pink Salt for Optimizing Communication between our Immune Cells

First is the Use of Pink Himalayan Salt or Senda Namak that helps in optimizing the Communication between our Innate Immune Cells for which we have written an article here :

High Salt Diet – Boosts Antiviral Resistance – Stay Fit Series

Unknown to most people Senda Namak has been part of Lavan Bhaskar Chooran since centuries, which is a Mix of herbs that helps our Body in healing of many ailments besides Respiratory Infections and Pink Salt has been a Part of the Ingredients of this Chooran. Pink salt has been known to be an Expectorant Plus a Bronchial Dialator but the science behind this is as follows:-

Elevated sodium chloride drives type I interferon signaling in macrophages and increases antiviral resistance

Salt plays an Important Role in Boosting Antiviral Resistance by enhancing the type I interferon signaling in macrophages that increases antiviral resistance.

Our data support that NaCl is an important regulator of innate immunity against viral infections in that it regulates type I interferon production and signaling in macrophages. We for the first time demonstrated that high salt promoted expression of ISGs through increased production of IFNβ in macrophages. Importantly, high salt primed macrophages to initiate a strengthened response to viruses or viral nucleic acid analogues, leading to enhanced defense against VSV infections. A previous study (19) has shown that high salt accelerates the elimination of intracellular bacteria and parasites. On the other hand, high salt has been demonstrated to skew a pro-inflammatory phenotype of macrophages and aggravate inflammatory diseases (17), to promote Th17 (20, 21) or follicular helper T cell phenotype (30) and worsen autoimmune diseases, and to diminish the immune suppressive Treg phenotype and exacerbate xenogeneic graft versus host diseases (22) and allograft rejection (23). Putting the results of the current study together with available literature, a more complete picture emerges to reflect the roles of high salt in immunoregulation, up-regulation of immune response. Resultantly, high salt helps to fight pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, while exacerbating inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, and all immunity-related diseases such as graft versus host diseases and allograft rejection.


Eucalyptus Oil or EO

Stimulatory effect of Eucalyptus essential oil on innate cell-mediated immune response

As per research Eucalyptus Oil is able to induce activation of the Innate Immune System human monocyte derived macrophages and their simulation to phagocytic response to invading Pathogens. Do you remember the PacMan Game we played once or we still play. Well it is the same thing that Eucalyptus Oil Induces our Innate Immune System to do to invading pathogens i.e. they start getting eaten up !!


EO is able to induce activation of MDMs i.e. human monocyte derived macrophages , dramatically stimulating their phagocytic response. EO-stimulated internalization is coupled to low release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and requires integrity of the microtubule network, suggesting that EO may act by means of complement receptor-mediated phagocytosis. Implementation of innate cell-mediated immune response was also observed in vivo after EO administration, mainly involving the peripheral blood monocytes/granulocytes. The 5-FU/EO combined treatment inhibited the 5-FU induced myelotoxicity and raised the phagocytic activity of the granulocytic/monocytic system, significantly decreased by the chemotherapic.


Our data, demonstrating that Eucalyptus oil extract is able to implement the innate cell-mediated immune response, provide scientific support for an additional use of this plant extract, besides those concerning its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate further investigations also using single components of this essential oil. This might drive development of a possible new family of immuno-regulatory agents, useful as adjuvant in immuno-suppressive pathologies, in infectious disease and after tumour chemotherapy.

For those who want to understand how the Innate or Patrolling Immune System works

The monocytic/granulocytic system as well as differentiated macrophages constitute the primary cellular effectors of the immune response, playing a pivotal role in the detection and elimination of foreign bodies such as pathogenic microorganisms. Recognition of foreign microorganisms by these cells ultimately results in phagocytosis and in the eventual destruction of pathogens by lysosomal enzymes. Macrophages perform a variety of functions other than phagocytosis []. The phagocytic process is accompanied by intracellular signals that trigger cellular responses such as cytoskeletal rearrangement, alterations in membrane trafficking, activation of apoptosis, release of chemical mediators such as growth factors, pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines []. Such mediators, produced by activated macrophages, are essential for microbe killing but also potentiate inflammatory reactions; thus regulation of this production is therefore critical to kill pathogens without inducing tissue injury [].


ZINC repels the Viruses from Attaching to our Cells and Ghee is known since ancient times as an Anupam that deeply penetrates our Cells Walls as the Lipids in Ghee are similar to the Lipids that form our Cell Walls. It is because of this property of Ghee that it has been used since thousands of years as a carrier of Herbs so that the Herbs can penetrate Deeply into our Cells with the Ghee.

Sanjivni Amrit Regime has Zinc Infused Ghee as one of it’s Constituents for providing possible relief to people fighting viruses and other infections.

For a Detailes article by us on this please read the following article dt: June 8 2020 :-

Ghritas as an entry medium for Herbal Zinc during the Viral Season