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How to Improve Blood Oxygen Levels….

by in Boost Immunity 28/09/2020

By Prithu Nath

As one is gasping for breath during the Covid Pandemic there are many ways to increase Blood Oxygen Levels without the use of Invasive or Non Invasive Ventilation. Though if one is uncomfortable one must consult their doctor and use an Oxygen Cylinder for Support without stressing out. I have seen many people shunning the idea of using Oxygen support as till now only the very sick were given Oxygen and it was associated with the Critically Ill. Hence the Fear in many people and the very idea brings up Fear which is uncalled for.

Blood carries oxygen in two forms, the majority is bound to haemoglobin (oxyhaemoglobin) and the rest is dissolved in the aqueous phase of blood (the plasma). The dissolved fraction is dependent upon the partial pressure of oxygen. As the partial pressure increases, the dissolved fraction of oxygen increases.

Pressure breathing

This can be done in two ways :- By Blowing Balloons or by Blowing through a Straw into a Bottle Filled with Water. Both these techniques improve SPO2 Levels by upto 4 points.

Also one can breathe deeply and blow the air out of their mouth by Ballooning their cheeks.

By reducing Body Movement

By reducing ones Body movement one can easily reduce the usage of Oxygen as our Muscles consume a lot of Oxygen.

By Lying on Ones Stomach

“Prone positioning leads to a more homogeneous distribution of ventilation than lying on the back, improving matching of ventilation and perfusion (rate of blood delivered to a tissue).”

By Using Oxygen Support

By Using Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil is known to Improve the Intake of Oxygen from the air by the Lungs thereby improving SPO2 levels.

By Using Negative Ions

Negatively charged Ions Improve the exhalation of Carbon dioxide by upto 20% and intake of Oxygen by upto 10%. Besides a Host of other Health and Immunity Boosting Properties these air vitamins play an important role in Improving Overall Well being. Negative Ion Generators are easily available.