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Gout & Excessive Uric Acid Reduce Immunity & Increase Inflammation with a marked link to Reactive Oxygen Species… The dead have left some clues….

by in Boost Immunity 14/10/2020

By Prithu Nath Although Uric acid is an antioxidant, a major recipient of reactive oxygen species, which is found in excess in people who have not survived covid 19, excess Uric Acid in turn reduces Immunity and Increases Inflammation.   Thus one must maintain Uric Acid to optimum Levels. During the Viral Season we want […]

How to Improve Blood Oxygen Levels….

by in Boost Immunity 28/09/2020

By Prithu Nath As one is gasping for breath during the Covid Pandemic there are many ways to increase Blood Oxygen Levels without the use of Invasive or Non Invasive Ventilation. Though if one is uncomfortable one must consult their doctor and use an Oxygen Cylinder for Support without stressing out. I have seen many […]

Role of Dietary Lipids on Immune Modulation

by in Boost Immunity 22/09/2020

By Prithu Nath A suppression of immune system functions implies an inability of the immune response to eliminate efficiently the infectious agents. Dietary Lipids or the fats we eat are known to influence the Functioning of the Immune System, therefore during the Covid Pandemic, balancing of the Dietary Fats is a very important aspect. Certain […]