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GHEE – A 6000+ Years Known Immunity Booster of India.. Now Infused with Herbal Zinc A Known Anti Viral!

by in Boost Immunity, Recipes to Boost Immunity 15/04/2020

Researched and Developed By Prithu Nath on April 15th 2020…. INTRODUCING HERBAL ZINC INFUSED GHEE FOR BOOSTING IMMUNITY! Ghrita (ghee) was produced in ancient India as far back as 1500 BC (Achaya, 1997). Ancient sanskrit literature describes ghee as the food fit for Gods and a commodity of enormous value. In ancient India, ghee was […]

Trillions of Pacman within you

by in Boost Immunity 12/04/2020

Phagocytes that eat up the Invaders What are Phagocytes Played the game called Pacman ?  Well it’s also being played 24×7 within you and Phagocytes are your Pacmans that are devouring or eating out the Debris, Bacteria and other pathogens within your system day in and day out! The professional phagocytes include many types of […]

Soup Up Your Neutrophils

by in Boost Immunity 11/04/2020

Chicken Soup to our Rescue.. By Prithu Nath What are Neutrophils Neutrophils are the circulating white blood cells essential for the processes by which bacteria, cellular debris, and solid particles are removed and destroyed. Neutrophils help to prevent infection, but also work to increase inflammation and mucus production in your body. Chicken Soup to Our […]