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Palmetic Acid Increases Risk- During Viral Seasons

by in Health Tips 23/04/2020

By Prithu Nath Fatty acid metabolism is closely related to influenza virus infection. Viruses assemble their membrane using the host’s unsaturated fatty acids, such as palmitic acid. The reported effects of lipids on immune functions provide a new insight into how dietary fatty acids might play a critical role in health and disease. Therefore Stop […]

Controlling The Cytokine Storm Within or Taming The Bull!

by in Boost Immunity 21/04/2020

By Prithu Nath Counter Balancing Cytokine Storm with N Sativa Oil and Omega 3 During Viral Infections and Respiratory Bronchial Infections where Acute Respiratory Disorder Syndrome may set in, it is important to counter the Pro Inflammatory Cytokine Storm, with Food ! The anti-inflammatory cytokines are a series of immuno-regulatory molecules that control the pro […]

Black Seed Oil – (antispasmodic effect) and their beneficial influence on respiratory clearance

by in Boost Immunity 20/04/2020

Pulmonary-protective activity and anti-asthmatic effects By Prithu Nath The reason for using N Sativa oil during Viral and Bronchial Infections It was concluded that nigellone possesses an antispasmodic effect and an increase in mucociliary clearance. Results showed that N. sativa treatment inhibits the inflammatory pulmonary responses, reducing significantly (P<0.05) peribronchial inflammatory cell infiltration, alveolar septal […]

Lung Function Decreases With Age —Be Fit Series

by in Boost Immunity 18/04/2020

One of the best Locations to Practice Pranic Breathing is Kasauli and Specially the Terrace at Hotel Birds View. For more information Please visit http://birdsviewkasauli.com or call 8699009969 By Prithu Nath There are more than 20 known Indian Herbs that can help to Improve Lung Function which the Western Society is Unaware of. Vitamin D […]