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Is Kada a Process or a Product ?

by in Boost Immunity 01/07/2020

By Prithu Nath Recently after the Covid 19 Endemic started, a barrage of advertisements and social media posts flooded the Internet with Kada the so touted Magical Drink that is supposed to Cure all and Boost our Immunity ! Surprisingly the so called specialists including Government regulators as is evident, do not even seem to […]

Noni Juice – Immunity Boosting & Anti Viral

by in Boost Immunity 06/06/2020

By Prithu Nath During Viral Seasons, Improved Physical Endurance and Improved Immunity are two main factors that may be crucial in the recovery Process. Noni Fruit also known as Lakshman Phal or Ram Phal in Local Parlance is a juice derived from the fruit of a tropical evergreen plant called Noni (popularly known as Indian […]